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Do you snore, wake up tired with a headache? Find out if you have sleep apnea!

Your body regenerates during sleep. When you get up in the morning rested, you know you are alive! During sleep, toxins are removed, nerve cells are repaired, the brain is oxygenated, and tissue renewal occurs.

But what if you're not providing your body with enough quality sleep? You snore, are often sleep-deprived, have trouble concentrating and suffer from headaches. This could be sleep apnea, and the consequences of long-term sleep disorders can be very serious. They range from hypoxia and high blood pressure to heart disease, an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

Sleep apnea

Do you snore, wake up during the night and feel like you've run out of air? Do you wake up in the morning tired, sleep-deprived, often with a headache? Or has a loved one noticed troubling symptoms in you during sleep?

These can be signs of sleep apnea. Unconsciously holding your breath can be repeated up to several hundred times in one night. This disrupts proper lung ventilation, resulting in hypoxia.

Fortunately, nocturnal apnea can now be easily diagnosed and treated without a hospital stay. All you need to do is a simple apnea test without leaving home.

How to diagnose and treat apnea?

Sleep apnea can now be diagnosed without leaving home. This is done with the Home Apnea Test, which you perform without a referral from a doctor in your own bed . You order the Home Apnea Test online and receive the testing device by courier directly to your home.

Remember, if you don't know if the apnea problem affects you, you can talk to your doctor about it by taking medical advice on sleep disorder diagnosis .

The gold standard in the treatment of sleep apnea is therapy that uses positive airway pressure (CPAP), using an appropriate therapy set (device, breathing tube, mask). It allows to significantly reduce the number of apneas, and after just a few days you can notice a significant improvement in concentration and increased energy. Exercise tolerance improves and daytime sleepiness subsides.

The therapy kit is covered by reimbursement from the National Health Fund.

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