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Diabetes in pregnancy

It is the most common metabolic disorder that complicates pregnancy. It can cause complications during childbirth and lead to malformations in the child. It occurs in women who are previously healthy and usually do not expect to be at risk.

Diabetes affects around 5% of pregnant women and, despite the constant development of diagnostics and treatment methods, it is still a serious problem. It can cause miscarriage, premature birth and multiple births. In the newborn, it causes heart, kidney and central nervous system defects. It is one of the most important causes of perinatal mortality.

Women who have had multiple births, women over the age of 35, and those who have had diabetes in previous pregnancies are particularly at risk of gestational diabetes. Carbohydrate metabolism disorders are more common in obese women and in those who have given birth to children weighing more than 4 kg in the past.

Glucose load test

Gestational diabetes can easily be detected and its consequences prevented in good time. At the first visit to the doctor, when it is confirmed that the patient is pregnant, she is given a special pregnancy booklet with detailed tests. At the beginning, the fasting serum glucose level has to be determined. In addition, a monthly urine test is carried out, which also detects the possible presence of sugar.
Between the 24th and 28th week of pregnancy, an oral glucose test (sugar curve) must be carried out. The sugar level is determined first in a fasting state and then after oral intake of glucose. If the test result is abnormal, the mother-to-be will be referred to a diabetes clinic.

Under the guidance of a specialist

With responsible cooperation with your doctor, nothing bad should happen. Under the care of a diabetologist, you will have to follow a suitable diet and learn to check your sugar level with a glucometer. Even if, in addition to the diet, insulin is needed, the mum-to-be will certainly put up with this bravely for the sake of the baby.
A separate topic is pregnancy in women who already have diabetes. For the sake of the health of mum and baby, pregnancy needs to be planned in detail. It is necessary to consult a diabetologist in advance and to discuss the treatment in detail.

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